Why Spry
There are few things that Spry consciously strives to do. Creating a sense of belonging and showing that the company cares, Continuous improvement of the working ambience, Comprehensive (half yearly) performance review and feedback, Encourage employees to voice opinions and demands in informal forums with senior management participation, Rewarding key performers - projects and non-project based on a regular basis form part of Spry's philosophy of retaining staff.

In this "new" world of dynamic changes to the IT industry, Spry provides an opportunity to its employees to utilize their existing skills and knowledge for its clients, Spry being a company that believes in growth, and also learn new and better emerging technologies to improve their skills, and stay abreast with the IT business sector.

Spry being located in an area which is well known for its educational institutions and skilled personnel, you working for Spry would be among the elite in the industry. Spry being a company that believes in growth, invests in its employees.