A User Interface (UI) is a tool by which a user interacts with the application. Since a software application is generally catered towards the business and the UI is generally catered towards the end-user, the UI is generally the most perceived item in the development of a software application.

The ease or difficulty with which a user interacts with the application, determines the success or failure of the software application. Spry has vast experience over years in designing wide variety of user interfaces in the world of Information Technology.

Spry has gathered proficiency in designing and developing elegant, friendly, sophisticated user interfaces using:

  • Front Page, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Go-live, Dream Weaver, Photoshop, Visual Interdev, Visual Age, Symantec Café.

  • Visual C++, Visual Basic, Power Builder, Delphi, and Developer 2000.

  • Servlets, JSP, Applets, ASP, PHP, CFML, XML, HTML, and DHTML .