SPRY Approach
Our approach to client's needs is completely different from rest of the industry. We are not just an Information Technology-consulting firm, but an enduring IT engineering firm.

What we mean by this is that we, at Spry, apply an array of software engineering principles and techniques to suit the business processes, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction.

We analyze client's long term & short term business goals and suggest correct technology. process, and engineering principles to solve the problem at hand. We do not have generic solution that we apply to all customers for different problems. We realize each customer has unique problems, people, customers, budgets, needs that require a unique dynamic solution.

Spry Resources can boost of the state of the art network, systems, and environments. We have capabilities to execute the projects onsite, offsite or offshore. Depending on client needs we can execute parts of the same project onsite, other parts offsite and/or offshore.

For example if you need a sales management application we can complete the requirements & analysis in your office in US (onsite), design & architecture the system offsite and detailed design, development and part of the testing in Hyderabad, India (offshore). Any problems found during implementation or post implementation in US can be fixed in India and most of the fixes ready for installation by the time developers come back in morning next day.

We follow IEEE software engineering, SEI CMM and ISO 9000 standards.

We follow a project lifecycle based on “Iterative Component based Object Oriented Lifecycle” (ICOOL). In simplest of terms it means we break large project into small components each one, of which will be built using several objects. Components will be identified in early stage of project and each component will be designed, developed and tested independently. The component work will go on as system analysts are still defining the system requirements.

Our enduring focus is to work with your business requirements in providing total IT solutions.

Our employees regard work as having spiritual meaning, buttressed by such behavioral norms as punctuality, honesty, diligence, and frugality. We select and train employees to apply the proven software engineering techniques for our clients.