Corporate Training
“Doing more with less,” “creating improved efficiencies,” “downsizing,” “right-sizing,” “trimming fat,” “curbing expenses,” and “streamlining processes” are among the buzzwords and catch-phrases that herald today’s business environment. They all point to creating success cultures for the least budget and the greatest results. Buzzwords and budgeting aside, for a company to succeed today, its workforce must be:
  • Experience& Technology Expertise
  • Recognition
  • Trainers League
  • Methodology
  • Infrastructure
  • Achievements
Therefore, getting their employees a training program of latest technologies is a matter of concern for the management. Because of increased work pressure companies do not get sufficient time to develop & analyze their own training programs. We at Learnstraight offers training programs for companies entering to new technologies or just brush up the existing one with different area of scope. We have successfully completed more than 3 Digit corporate training programs to our valued customers . If you have the requirements relating to this scope of IT corporate training, Just click on the link & get the solution customized to your requirements.
Train-the-Trainer Programme
Training is vital to a learning organization and a cornerstone in the improvement process. It imparts the skills and knowledge that people need in order to address business opportunities, solve problems and improve processes. The results are too important to leave to chance. Helping managers and supervisors recognize the practical skills they need to “stand and deliver” and giving them the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment will be the key benefits of this course.
The aim of the Train-the-Trainer programme is to enable learners to facilitate a well structured and varied programme of learning, use a range of teaching methods and encourage learners to participate actively and confidently in the learning process. The course is designed to help the individual who is not—or at least not yet—a professional trainer.