Spry has an offshore operation in Hyderabad, India. Hyderabad being the software development center of India, boasts of companies like Microsoft, IBM, Satyam, Metamor, Oracle and several other major IT corporations. Companies like Sterling Software and other institutes have agreed to work with Spry in transferring knowledge to aspiring professionals. To better service its customers, Spry has allocated 8,000 sq ft. of office space dedicated to offshore development and training in information technology.
Why Offshore Development
Historically cost of resource in India is 60%-70% less than the counterparts in the U. S. India also has a vast variety of skilled personnel in the IT area, and can provide customers with talent pool that can service any type of industry sector. India is proud to become:

  • World's highest number of IT professionals are from India

  • Dominating the SEI league tables

  • International IT companies flock to India

  • Some of the top Fortune 500 Companies are Indian clients

  • Some of the top Fortune 500 Companies are Indian clients

  • A growing presence in aviation and aerospace Experts in working with: Fortune 500; Finance/Banking; Automotive; Investment; and Communication

Why use Spry for offshore development?
Spry's expert software developers working in a state-of-the-art facility can deliver the precise amount of expertise at precisely the right time to support and maintain legacy systems as well as new development in Internet/Intranet/Extranet, Client/Server and Mainframe. Outsourcing to Spry means substantial cost and time savings along with high quality software development.