Systems Integration
The Systems Integration Division provides end-to-end solutions for the client. Spry seeks to have a long term arrangement with its clients in the form of an IT Partnership to provide critical support for all their IT needs - current and future. As an IT partner, Spry seeks to take a proactive stance in anticipating the IT needs of clients, which are in alignment with their enterprise strategies.

Spry has organized its end-to-end IT Systems Integration services in two distinct streams:

  • Specific IT solutions focusing on the needs of a particular business sector.

  • Generic enterprise solutions spanning all the business sectors.

Business Sectors

Spry has identified specific Business Sectors for providing IT interventions, as follows:

  • Telecom

  • Manufacturing

  • Financial Services (IT solutions for Banking, Non-banking and Insurance sectors)

  • Energy and Utilities

The service range for each of these sectors have been firmed up based on global requirements and complete enterprise integration needs. The teams from these business sectors work together for providing a complete range of Enterprise Solutions.

Generic Enterprise Solutions

Generic Enterprise Solutions are specialized services provided by a pool of competent professionals. It deals with implementing and customizing IT solutions. Spry also provides integration of these services with specialized sector specific IT solutions as well as with other legacy systems.

The Generic Enterprise IT solutions include the following:

  • Networking & Systems Integration including Design and Implementation of optimal networking solution such as LAN/WAN and Intranet-based Solutions.

  • Oracle ERP Suite, which covers the Functional and Technical areas to provide services, required from conceptualization to completion.