QA Stratergies
Quality assurance is a process which minimizes the defects in software produced and ensures a quality product for the customer. At Spry, Quality Assurance (QA) is not an after thought process. QA is well integrated into software development process. From project concept phase to go-live of the project, Spry Software Engineers adhere to the QA processes.

Spry has years of experience with QA using

  • IEEE Std. 730.1-1995, IEEE Guide for Software Quality Assurance Planning.

  • IEEE Std. 730-1998, IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans.

  • SEI CMM standards.

Spry believes that the fundamental requirements for a successful QA are:

  • The requirements should be correct, unambiguous, complete, consistent, prioritized, verifiable, modifiable and traceable.

  • Software Design and Description (SDD) should be available.

  • Through Software Project Management Plan (SPMP)

  • Software Configuration planning.

  • Standardized tools, techniques, methodologies.