Internet & Intranet Development
Windows NT-JAVA-Sybase-Intranet

For a prominent Insurance industry leader, Spry consultants are involved in developing intranet infrastructure on a Windows NT platform using JAVA scripts, HTML, and CGI-Perl, with Sybase as the backend. This involved developing Web-talk, a real-time communication system for person to person and broadcast communication.

JAVA - CGI-Perl - HP/UX - Oracle

For a major financial service company, Spry consultants integrated JAVA and Oracle in a HP-UX environment. Several types of charting capabilities were provided. The system was designed to be easily scalable.

Web-Based Reports - JAVA - Plugins

For a prominent manufacturing industry leader, Spry consultants developed a web based reporting system. This involved integrating third party browser plugins with existing reporting systems and providing access over a peer-to-peer network to various desktop systems.

Web-Based Trading System - JAVA

For a major investment bank, Spry consultants developed a web based trading system. The front-end consisted of HTML and Java based programs interfacing with various backend systems that were developed in C++, Sybase and Reports being generated using Powerbuilder and other reporting tools. Reports were displayed in browsers using plug-ins.

Internet & Intranet

Extensive training and expertise in much of the core technology enveloping the Internet and the Intranet has allowed Spry to assist customers in exploring opportunities provided by the information superhighway.

Spry consultants are involved in assisting web development and design for clients, to aid their marketing efforts and to disseminate information within their organization. Using the latest and proven technology of browsers, servers and web specific application development environments, Spry has helped to convert corporate information into text, sound, graphics, etc, and make it accessible over different networks and desktop systems.