Embedded/Real-Time Systems
Real-time systems introduce a new dimension known as time. This trivial change influences the fundamental way we have to think, design and reason about these systems. Real-time systems must provide logically correct and adequate results within a pre-determined amount of time. In other words Real-time systems are open systems that communicate with their environment by sending and receiving signals, predictably respond to unpredictable "events" are capable of synchronizing processes, and are deadline driven.

Most of the Embedded systems are Real-time Systems and are used to interact directly with real world.

Spry provides effective solutions for such systems with emphasizing on the following while designing:

  • Integration & Performance

  • Interrupt Handling & Context Switching

  • Database, Operating System, Language

  • Task Synchronization & Communication

  • Data acquisition and data (signal) processing

  • Fault management

  • Time management

  • Rate monotonic analysis

  • Timeliness in distributed implementations

  • Real-time virtual architecture

  • Asynchronous processing and concurrency

  • Design methodologies

  • Distributed execution

Spry has extensive experience in developing Real-Time command and control systems using the above mentioned techniques.