Database Management
DEC RDB - Powerbuilder

For a major pharmaceutical corporation, Spry consultants lead efforts in consolidating their data management techniques. The system was developed in Windows environment using Powerbuilder for the front-end interfaces and DEC RDB as the database engine. A diagnostic system was developed to systematically track data for errors and log suspicious data. The data was finally transferred to SAS environment for statistical analysis.

Data Warehouse - Oracle - Sequent

Spry consultants have architected a data warehouse for a major cellular company. The warehouse gathers data from the online billing systems and helps the marketing and finance departments in analyzing customer information. The 200GB database resides on a 8 CPU, 3GB RAM Sequent SE_80 and uses a 3-star schema approach.

Back-Office System

Spry consultants helped a major quick service restaurant revamp client/server based back-office system. Cash management, procedure planning, and inventory tracking were managed on a Windows environment, linked via Novell NetWare to a database management system running Gupta SQL Server as a network loadable module. Comprehensive procedures helped support efficient management of the daily business functions.

Spry consultants are involved in designing and developing state of the art database management systems, employing the latest tools and technology. Current projects feature leading relational database products and third party tools that facilitate data management in various operating environments. SPRY consultants understand the importance of a robust data management system in delivering critical information with optimal throughput and response time.

Spry consultants also have experience in database information modeling using various tools, Data Warehouse, data-Mining, and designing complex, user-friendly reports.

Spry consultants understand the reasons for poor performance of databases. As database analysts, they are aware of the problems caused by poor design of a database. As Database Administrators they are aware of the various tuning parameters for both databases and operating systems. As database programmers they are aware of the various ways database queries can be tuned for optimal performance. Spry consultants understand that in order for a database to function optimally, database analysts, Database Administrators, application programmers and system administrators should all work as a team with the goal of improving performance.

The resident object-oriented expertise allows Spry to provide valuable services to customers, integrating the latest technology with their environment in a seamless and efficient manner.